“At the moment we only have a provisional agenda of the Council of Justice and Internal Affairs. The subject is on the agenda because this was already included in the list of priorities of the Spanish presidency of the EU Council. The final agenda is to be finalized on December 1 at the meeting of the ambassadors”, said the PSD MEP for Freedom.

Romania's accession to Schengen, on the provisional agenda of the JAI Council from December. When the decision is made
Schengen extension is on the provisional agenda

“However, it is good to keep this topic high on the European agenda and to put pressure on Austria. The agenda will also be influenced by the elections in the Netherlands, which will determine his position regarding the expansion of the free movement zone”, added Victor Negrescu.

Recently, the MEP said that Romania’s chances of entering Schengen this year.

The history of Romania’s Schengen blockade

On December 8, 2022, Austria blocked Romania’s accession to Schengen, voting against it in the JHA Council in Brussels and citing the migrant crisis as an argument. The Netherlands voted against the admission of Bulgaria, which was, however, coupled with Romania, the two countries being evaluated together.

President Klaus Iohannis that Romania’s accession to Schengen will be put on the agenda of the JAI Council only when there are clear indications showing that there is a consensus, so that Romania will not be refused by Austria again.

On August 26, the Minister of the Interior, Cătălin Predoiu, in Vienna with his counterpart Gerhard Karner, and the latter said that Austria maintains its position against the expansion of the Schengen area.

On September 15, Marcel Ciolacu announced that Romania will go to the European Court of Justice, if the government in Vienna maintains its veto on Schengen at the EU Council of Interior Ministers that will take place in December.

On October 27, President Iohannis hinted that Austria’s action at the CJEU for Schengen is uncertain, stating that .