Relationship education at school, Concia project coordinator: Lega and FdI protests

They arrive criticism from the League and Brothers of Italy after the appointment of Anna Paola Concia as coordinator of the group for the ‘Education for relationships’ project wanted by the Minister of Education and of Merit, Giuseppe Valditara.

“School is not a place for ideologies or indoctrination. School must be free, a place of training and discussion for the new generations. The League has always been clear about this, just as our values ​​are clear, which we have indicated in the Government programme. In one year, the League has been able to offer concrete results to improve the world of school: Valditara has achieved great results starting from the renewal of contracts, without forgetting the support for the Equality and the relaunch of professional education To educate students there is an efficient and well-guided ministry, extraordinary teachers and above all families. There is no need for names or divisive solutions to educate about relationships, especially if they risk fueling controversy”, the comment of Simona Baldassarre, Head of the Family Department of the League upon nomination.

He echoes her Laura Ravetto, Equal Opportunities Manager of the League. “Although we recognize the seriousness of Anna Paola Concia – he underlines – her appointment is divisive. Our objective, and that of Minister Valditara, has always been to restore to the school the role and dignity it deserves. The minister is doing a lot in this sense, just as the League has always been at the forefront to guarantee gender equality, greater safety and greater education and respect in the relationship between men and women. It is no coincidence that we are committed – with a bill submitted to the Chamber – for introduction of respect education in schools with particular attention to women’s rights”.

“I understand the bewilderment that the numerous center-right voters are showing us in these hours regarding the controversial nomination of Anna Paola Concia by the head of the ministry of education”, he then declares the senator of the Brothers of Italy Lavinia Mennuni.

“Given that the school’s task is primarily to educate, leaving the priority of education to families, the fear that is represented to us is that, by inserting a personality like Concia, who evokes the LGBTQI+ commitment more than that against violence against women, gives rise to the justified fear that an opening could be made to that ideological drift of gender propaganda which must not and must never enter Italian schools”, observes the Fdi exponent .

“I also believe that before choosing figures with such a strong left-wing characterization we could and should have searched within the rich and varied cultural hemisphere for figures who were certainly more suitable and less divisive and – he underlines – above all more in line with the millions of center-right voters who voted for us to profoundly change and innovate the strategic educational sector of the Ministry of Education”. Mennuni’s invitation to Minister Valditara “is to listen to the motivated discontent rising from the centre-right people and to reconsider the nomination of Concia, focusing on that profound change that the millions of Italians who voted for us would like even in the delicate and fundamental field of education”.

Concia’s reply

“We need to be patient, tomorrow they will have something else to vomit hatred over”, replies Anna Paola Concia on X to the criticisms rained down on her appointment.

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