READERS’ CHOICE. Who Would You Vote For In This Fall’s Presidential Election?

The Liberals, through the voice of Nicolae Ciucă, say that they will definitely have a candidate in Cotroceni, after they gave the president through Klaus Iohannis in the last 10 years.

“The National Liberal Party must have its own presidential candidate, that’s all that can be healthier for democracy,” said the PNL president, who is in the cards for the presidential race, on Monday. The same Ciucă rejected the scenario by which the PSD would support a prime minister and a general mayor of the Capital from the PNL side, in exchange for liberal support for Cotroceni. Especially since the social democrats have not held the position of president of Romania for 20 years, since Ion Iliescu.

“I don’t think it is at all beneficial for everything that a democratic voting process means to negotiate all these issues as if they were so determined in advance”, said Ciucă, quoted by

At PSD, things are uncertain. Marcel Ciolacu would be the party’s natural candidate, but no official statement has been made in this regard.

But an option would be to support Mircea Geoană, the current deputy secretary general of NATO, former president of the PSD, expelled from the party and the loser in the presidential final in 2009. Geoană avoided saying directly whether he will run, but he has known for more weather on a cross-country tour. In addition, some opinion polls give it first.

However, Marcel Ciolacu doesn’t really like the idea of ​​Geoană’s candidacy.

“I don’t know if I will be a candidate for president or not. At this point, I can tell you in all honesty that I didn’t even think about being a candidate. What I can tell you with certainty, with the heart of a PSD-ist, as a founding member for 30 years, the PSD and I personally will never propose, nor will it occur to me, to support an independent candidate from the PSD side”, Ciolacu said on Tuesday.

Even USR has not officially designated the presidential candidate, at AUR, George Simion seems the natural candidate, as does Diana Șoșoacă for the SOS Romania party.

READERS’ CHOICE. Who would you vote for in this fall’s presidential election?

Nicolae Ciucă (PNL)
50% (1 votes)

Marcel Ciolacu (PSD)
0% (0 votes)

Mircea Geoană (independent)
0% (0 votes)

Cătălin Drula (USR)
0% (0 votes)

George Simion (GOLD)
0% (0 votes)

Diana Sosoacă (SOS Romania)
0% (0 votes)

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