“President of the Ostuni Museum publishes photos of Melons upside down, be removed”

The president of the Ostuni museumtherefore someone nominated by the local center-left because he is a person of ‘culture’, in his Instagram stories post the upside down photo of the Prime Minister“. This was declared by the members of the Fratelli d’Italia group in the Puglia Region (the group leader Francesco Ventola and the councilors Luigi Caroli, Giannicola De Leonardis, Antonio Gabellone, Renato Perrini and Michele Picaro.

“No one from the Democratic Party is scandalised, no one demands an apology, no one asks to lower the tone. The confirmation of the moral double standards of this Apulian centre-left – they say – What Luca Dell’Atti has done is a shameful gesture of unprecedented gravity and we ask that the mayor of Ostuni immediately revoke the appointmentwe don’t know whether it was awarded more for cultural merit or for electoral commitment made on the coalition list”.

“The fact is that anyone who decides to fill a role must do so in a balanced, serene manner and with respect for the institutions and therefore Dell’Atti must be immediately removed. All our solidarity goes to President Meloni – conclude the councilors”.

“This time will the left break the wall of silence? – he declares in a note Andrea Delmastro delle Vedove, deputy of the Brothers of Italy and undersecretary of Justice – Will they ask for the resignation of a person whose profile is evidently more suitable for attending the Askatasuna social center than for managing a municipal museum? Or in Brindisi, as in Turin, will the left sanctify those who propose violence as a method of political struggle?”.

“On the hypothesis that once again silence will descend, I try to make a modest proposal: the Mayor of Turin could hire this scientist to direct Askatasuna, his new flagship”, comments the Fdi exponent.

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