President | Furman University congratulated Stubb: “appeals to relatively conservative Finns”

Furman’s a university in the United States has congratulated Alexander Stubbia of this election victory. Stubb, who was elected the 13th president of Finland on Sunday, February 11, once studied at the university.

“Furman alumnus Alex Stubb was elected president of Finland! Stubb is the first Furman graduate to serve as head of state. Pat on the back!” the university shines on its X account.

Furman University is a liberal arts college located in South Carolina that offers a wide range of general education degrees. Founded in 1826, Furman University is the oldest private university in South Carolina.

Stubb earned his bachelor’s degree from Furman in 1993.

“Alex Stubb is an exceptional leader. He is an engaging and curious person with a strong moral compass. I am extremely happy and proud of him,” the president of Furman University Elizabeth Davis said the university in the bulletin.

Worked as a professor already in Stubb’s time Brent Nelsen speculates in the release that Stubb’s advantage was his extensive knowledge of the Finnish administration. Stubb once served as prime minister and, among other things, as minister of foreign affairs and finance.

“He is also seen as a family man, which appeals to relatively conservative Finns,” Nelsen reflects in the announcement.

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