Gildo Bugni, a partisan known by his nom de guerre Arno, has died at the age of 96. The news was announced by the Anpi of Bologna. Born in L’Aquila, he joined the Resistance at a very young age. “On the other hand – recalls the Anpi website – what else could a child have done who at 9 years old saw his father die from the torture suffered by the fascists? Having entered as a courier, he served in the brigade of the Modena division of which he became deputy commander ; he was injured during the fighting for the defense of the partisan Republic of Montefiorino”.

Having escaped the massacre of Cà Berna on 27 September 1944, he was captured by the Germans the following day. Saved from being shot by the intervention of a German marshal to be deported to Germany, he managed to escape a month later. Returning to Bologna, he served in the 1st Irma Bandiera Garibaldi brigade.

“We say goodbye, with pain, to Gildo Bugni, the Arno partisan”. Thus Elly Schlein, secretary of the Democratic Party. “The child who at the age of nine saw his father die from torture suffered by the fascists later became a partisan courier, responsible for an area of ​​Bologna in the Irma Bandiera Brigade and served in the brigade of the Modena division of which he became deputy commander. But we thank him because the whole His life, until the end, was spent in civil commitment. The entire dem community will not forget him and is rallying around his family and loved ones.”