Parking fees for SUVs will also increase in German cities

The German city of Koblenz is following the example of Paris by introducing new parking regulations where fees are determined based on the size of the car.

According to the law, which was adopted in the French capital after a referendum, from September of this year crossover owners will pay 18 euros for one hour of parking. The example has proven to be contagious, as other European cities are also starting to review their tariffs in a similar or similar format – for example, the management of the German city of Koblenz.

The publication writes that in Koblenz, as of March, parking for residents here will become significantly more expensive for everyone, but owners of cars that take up a lot of space will have to pay even more.

Residents’ parking in Koblenz currently costs all drivers 30.70 euros per car per year, but new conditions will come into effect from March, where the fee is calculated based on the size of the vehicle. Therefore, in the future, you will have to pay at least 100 euros per year for such a parking space, while owners of larger vehicles will be charged even more – for example, parking for a Volkswagen Tiguan will cost 196 euros per year, a parking space for a Volkswagen Golf will cost 180 euros, while the owner of a small Smart will pay “nothing” 105 euro.

Used car market Photo: LETA
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