Nicolae Ciucă, About the Composing of the Elections: If We Don’t Agree on Friday, There’s No Point in Discussing

The second man in the state was asked at the Senate how much time the PNL-PSD coalition has to make a decision regarding the joint elections and whether there will be other meetings after the one on Friday.

“I think that any extension beyond Friday is inopportune and there is no point in discussing it, because, on the one hand, we are occupying the public space with a topic that has been going on for too long and until then we have to see what are the other problems that need to be solved”, said Ciucă, according to

He added that, in the history of the elections, the mainstream parties in Romania could not not have their own candidate in the presidential elections. “I consider it absolutely normal, so that the citizens can also come to vote, not on something previously established, but to let the electorate decide”, said Ciucă.

Regarding possible tensions in the coalition on this issue, the PNL president answered: “I consider that we are responsible people. We each undertake to follow the course in this electoral half-year, as such the stability of the coalition and the development of the government program are needed all the more”.

PSD and PNL did not agree on merging the elections

The statements came in the context in which, after almost three hours of discussions at the Victoria Palace between the two coalition parties, the leader of the PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, and the leader of the PNL, Nicolae Ciucă, regarding merging the European parliamentary elections with the local ones, declared on Monday , February 12, sources from the coalition for Freedom. “We don’t know, honestly, what are the chances of getting along”, .

Four types of elections are scheduled this year, they are European parliamentary, local, parliamentary and presidential. At this moment, the only certainty is that the European Parliament elections will take place on June 9.

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