Mützenich accuses Lindner of wrongdoing in the gastro tax

Even taken off the agenda
Mützenich accuses Lindner of wrongdoing in the gastro tax

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The reduced VAT is expiring and for Finance Minister Lindner it is clear whose fault this is: that of the SPD and the Greens. SPD parliamentary group leader Mützenich doesn’t want to let this slide and tells his own version of the story.

There is a row in the traffic light coalition over the plan to phase out the reduced VAT in the catering industry. SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich accuses Finance Minister Christian Lindner of the FDP of publicly providing false information about the background to the decision. “It is a mystery to me why the finance minister is suddenly distancing himself from joint decisions on the upcoming budget,” Mützenich told “Stern”.

“Fair cooperation looks different,” complained Mützenich. “We also found an amicable solution to reduce VAT in the catering industry. Mr. Lindner then unilaterally removed this issue from the agenda.”

In the “Bild am Sonntag” magazine, Lindner blamed the SPD and the Greens for the new catering regulations. “If all parties had pulled together, a further extension would have been possible,” said the FDP politician. In doing so, he suggested that he himself would have liked to extend the reduced VAT rate in the catering industry and had failed due to resistance from his coalition partners.

Lindner’s statements caused irritation among the SPD and the Greens. The new dispute comes amid the difficult debate over how the coalition deals with the recent ruling from Karlsruhe, which annulled the funding of the Climate and Transformation Fund. The Federal Constitutional Court’s decision has torn a hole of 60 billion euros in the traffic light government’s plans.

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