“How much can Romania transform? How much do we care to think with our minds and stop doing things by dictation? How much can be innovated in Romania? What realistic vision for the future can we build?” says Mircea Geoană in the video posted on Facebook.

He wondered if, apart from the words and unfulfilled promises, there is a better future for Romanians.

“The future of Romania has entered a time crisis. For decades it has been floating in the fog, stumbling in the words of some politicians and that’s about it. The future of Romania must be redesigned on real bases, on concrete needs, in the short, medium and long term. It must be weighed in an engineering way”, added Geoană.

“Dear friends, I invite you to stay close, because in the coming days I will make an announcement closely related to a healthy and ambitious vision for Romania”, Geoană ended her video message.

Mircea Geoană’s mandate at NATO expires in October 2024, before the presidential elections. , citing sources from the entourage of the former PSD leader, that Mircea Geoană intends to run for the presidency of Romania as an independent and is preparing the ground in this regard.

Geoana, parallel to the president of the Czech Republic, who ran as an independent

The Deputy Secretary General of NATO will launch on November 24, 2023, at the Gaudeamus Fair, a book entitled “Battle for the Future of Romania”.

“Romania is in a more dangerous moment than other nations, in the midst of a vicious circle of impotence and corruption at home compared to the differences in economic level and quality of public services in the West. No political leader and no factor of economic or cultural influence knew or were able to get Romania out of this vicious circle”, says Mircea Geoană in his book, in a fragment quoted by .

The hypothesis of Geoană’s candidacy as an independent for the presidency in 2024 also emerges from a fragment of the book, in which he referred to the president of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel.

“The recent example of the president of the Czech Republic (a former commander of the NATO Military Committee) is conclusive. He ran as an independent, preferably with political support, but with the ability to propose and, if necessary, impose an agenda that transcends narrow party interests. He won supported, and not dependent on the parties”, the book says, according to the quoted source.

Contacted by Libertatea, Mircea Geoană confirmed the passages that appeared in the press.