Mircea Geoană: Marcel Ciolacu Came to My Office to Offer Me to Run for the Presidency, Supported by PSD

Geoană stated that the discussion took place “some time ago”, without specifically specifying when.

“Something is happening with them and obviously I’m also hearing and watching the statements. There is a certain nervousness, maybe even the beginning of irritation. It’s a Romanian saying: Why are you afraid, you don’t escape. And speaking of who is calling whom. I had discussions with them, they came to my office to propose that I run independently supported by the PSD, for a very simple calculation. Because the PSD votes in the presidential elections, where four million Romanians come in addition to the regular elections, are not enough to win the presidency of Romania. You want to win the presidency of Romania strictly on PSD, you don’t have votes. In the second round, almost no one votes with the PSD. No diaspora, no undecideds, it’s a limitation. For a vote participation of 35-40%, the score of the PSD is very important. For the presidential elections, where there is 65% participation for the president, Romanians mobilize and go to vote. There are not enough votes”, said Mircea Geoană.

“Now, whether or not they have my phone number… I also have a Belgian number, I’ve always had a Romanian number, so I don’t see a problem here. It’s their decision what they want to do, it’s my decision what I want to do,” he continued.

“I was kicked out of a party that I served in good faith, but who knows, maybe a shot somewhere is a step forward,” added the former Social Democratic president from 2005-2010.

Then asked if Marcel Ciolacu was among those who came to his office, Geoană answered dryly: “Yes”.

Asked about the Romanians’ confidence in the presidential elections, Geoană replied that he is flattered that so many Romanians have confidence in what he did.

Mircea Geoană’s mandate at NATO expires in October 2024, before the presidential elections. , citing sources from the entourage of the former PSD leader, that Geoană is thinking of running for the Presidency of Romania as an independent, but so far Geoană has not announced that he wants to do so.

On January 31, the president of the PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, stated that, according to the party’s statute, Mircea Geoană cannot participate in an internal competition, because he is not a member of the PSD, but if he wants to, then “he should look for us”.

PSD and PNL have not decided to merge

The statements came in the context in which, after almost three hours of discussions at the Victoria Palace between the two coalition parties, the leader of the PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, and the leader of the PNL, Nicolae Ciucă, regarding the merger of the European parliamentary elections with the local ones, declared on Monday , February 12, sources from the coalition for Freedom. “We don’t know, honestly, what are the chances of getting along”, .

Four types of elections are scheduled this year, they are European parliamentary, local, parliamentary and presidential. At this moment, the only certainty is that on June 9, European parliamentary elections will take place.

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