Marcel Ciolacu’s Answer, Asked Why the Coalition Discussions About the Commisration of the Elections Were Blocked

After participating in the General Assembly of the Association of Municipalities in Romania, Marcel Ciolacu was asked by journalists why the discussions of the previous evening were blocked, but the PSD leader avoided the answer.

“We made decisions, on which we have legislative emergencies, how is the financial situation. When you walked down the street, did someone ask you about your marriage? No one asked me. No one conditioned, I told you. It’s the third time you’ve asked me the same question, I have no problem, you can ask me the fourth time. I don’t offend Nicolae Ciucă and therefore I will never ask him for the PNL to give up a candidate in favor of the PSD, and Nicolae Ciucă will never ask me for this because it would offend me”, stated Ciolacu.

When asked where PSD and PNL did not understand in relation to merging the elections, the social-democratic leader answered: “The specifics of each one and, above all, we do not have all the information how these elections will take place, taking into account that they overlap. Let’s not confuse, out of the desire to have more people vote, in fact spoil an election result”.

PSD and PNL did not agree on merging the elections

The statements came in the context in which, after almost three hours of discussions at the Victoria Palace between the two coalition parties, the leader of the PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, and the leader of the PNL, Nicolae Ciucă, regarding merging the European parliamentary elections with the local ones, declared on Monday , February 12, sources from the coalition for Freedom. “We don’t know, honestly, what are the chances of getting along”, .

Four types of elections are scheduled this year, they are European parliamentary, local, parliamentary and presidential. At this moment, the only certainty is that on June 9, European parliamentary elections will take place.

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