Live broadcast | The members of the coalition also applauded Haavisto: “Pekka made this a great race with his gentlemanliness,” Orpo said

Communists also gave applause to the one who lost the presidential election Pekka Haavisto (green), when the prime minister, chairman of the coalition Petteri Orpo spoke to the party board on Tuesday.

“I want to give special thanks and honor to Pekka Haavisto,” Orpo said.

“Pekka made this a great race with his gentlemanliness.”

Orpo also thanked the winner of the election Alexander Stubbia and the entire coalition people who made this victory possible.

Stubb first toured the coalition’s district organizations and made people trust that he would be a good president. After that, “the coalition’s campaign skills showed their strength,” Orpo said.

According to him, Stubb’s campaign was inspiring and cheerful. Orpo said that although things can be difficult, there are always things that bring people together. Stubb’s campaign slogan was “unifying factor”.

HS showed Orpo’s speech live in this article. After that, Orpo answers the journalists’ questions. We’ll show that live too.

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