Live broadcast | Stubb is the new president of Finland – experts and politicians will analyze the result at 8 o’clock

The presidential election the analysis of the result will continue on Monday in Helsingin Sanomat’s election studio. Foreign and security policy and election experts will be guests in the studio hosted by the Saturday club podcast.

In the studio, we think about what decided the second round and what kind of challenges the new president faces By Alexander Stubb (cook) is in front of him. The live broadcast from Sanomatalo starts at 8 a.m. at

Among others, the foreign minister will be seen as a guest Elina Valtonen (cook). MPs, members of the Foreign Affairs Committee also arrive at the studio Titti Tuppurainen (sd) and Sebastian Tynkkynen (p.s.).

In addition, the broadcast will include researchers’ analysis of the voting result and its impact on Finland’s foreign and security policy. Among others, a senior university lecturer can vote Hanna Wass from the University of Helsinki and political researcher, CEO of the Nordic West Office Risto EJ Penttilä.

The broadcast is hosted by HS editors, From the Saturday Club podcast acquaintances Emil Elo and Susanne Salmi.

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