Kiesewetter is demanding 300 billion euros for the Bundeswehr

After Trump’s NATO threat
Kiesewetter is demanding 300 billion euros for the Bundeswehr

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Donald Trump says he would only protect NATO allies from Russia that spend enough on their defense. CDU defense expert Roderich Kiesewetter is now proposing a drastic increase in special funds for the Bundeswehr.

After US presidential candidate Donald Trump relativized NATO’s obligation to provide assistance, CDU defense politician Roderich Kiesewetter spoke out in favor of tripling the Bundeswehr’s special funds. “I wouldn’t rule out an increase in the special fund for the Bundeswehr. It’s completely clear that we need 300 billion instead of 100 billion so that the Bundeswehr is ready for war,” Kiesewetter told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

However, misuse of the money to plug budget holes must be ruled out. In addition, a permanent defense budget of at least two percent of economic power must be achieved in parallel. However, this can only be achieved “with re-prioritisation and clear structural reforms”.

The SPD budget politician Andreas Schwarz told the paper that spending on defense and civil protection should be permanently excluded from the debt brake in the Basic Law because of the uncertainties in the USA and the threat from Russia. Germany urgently needs to invest in civil and disaster protection and needs much more cyber defense, bunkers, mobile operating theaters and hospital supplies.

Trump, who plans to run again in the US presidential election in November, said at a campaign rally that he would not protect NATO allies from a Russian invasion if they did not spend enough on their own defense. This caused criticism from the EU, among others. Chancellor Olaf Scholz said: “Any relativization of NATO’s guarantee of assistance is irresponsible and dangerous and is solely in Russia’s interest. Nobody is allowed to play or deal with Europe’s security.”

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