Jusos are demanding 60,000 euros for their 18th birthday

SPD young talent for basic inheritance
Jusos are demanding 60,000 euros for their 18th birthday

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How can social inequality be effectively combated? The Jusos are proposing a basic inheritance: everyone who lives in Germany and turns 18 should receive 60,000 euros. The SPD juniors are also presenting a financing concept for the billion-dollar proposal.

The Jusos are demanding a basic inheritance of 60,000 euros for everyone over 18 years old. The young SPD voters voted for a corresponding proposal at its federal congress in Braunschweig. “We finally need a consistent redistribution from top to bottom,” said a delegate. “Very few people who are wealthy today worked for it,” said another.

The Jusos concept envisages an unconditional payout of 60,000 euros to everyone who has reached the age of 18 and has their main residence in Germany – regardless of their residence status. The use of the basic inheritance should not be restricted to a specific purpose and the payment should be made automatically and without application.

Costs: 45 billion euros per year

The financial outlay would be enormous – according to Jusos, the basic inheritance would cost around 45 billion euros per year. They see it calmly: “Not even 15 percent of the approximately 400 billion euros that are inherited every year without any benefit would have to be collected and redistributed through inheritance tax,” says the application.

This is to be financed through a reform of the inheritance tax. From an allowance of one million euros, the Jusos demand an inheritance tax of ten percent. The tax rate should then increase gradually: the second million should be taxed at 20 percent, the third million at 30 percent. From the ninth million onwards, a top tax rate of 90 percent would apply.

The idea of ​​a basic inheritance also finds supporters outside of the Young Socialists. The Eastern Commissioner Carsten Schneider recently called for “starting capital” of 20,000 euros for all 18-year-olds in Germany. According to “Tagesspiegel”, the SPD Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania also wants to debate the issue at the SPD federal party conference in December.

The basic heritage model was developed by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in 2021. According to the economic researchers, depending on how it is designed, the measure could reduce the Gini coefficient – the level of economic inequality in the country – by five to seven percent. In hardly any other country in the Eurozone is wealth inequality as great as in Germany. Only in Austria are the conditions similarly unequal.

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