HS election studio | Tynkkynen and Tuppurainen: the election campaign was a gathering of people

Basic Finns it was very difficult to choose which candidate to vote for in the presidential election, says the member of parliament Sebastian Tynkkynen (ps) in the HS Monday election studio.

You won the election by Alexander Stubb the Kokoumu party is closer to the values ​​of basic Finns, but according to Tynkkynen’s assessment, Stubb as a person is even close to the Greens and Social Democrats.

“We felt that Stubb is not in the core of the coalition’s basic voter group, but rather on the outer periphery, perhaps as a blue-green social liberal figure. This was a challenge for us,” Tynkkynen says.

Pekka Haaviston regarding the problem for basic Finns, his background party was the Greens, even though Haavisto was a candidate through the voters’ association. According to Tynkkynen, the Greens have demonized basic Finns.

“That’s why it was a question mark for many, whether it is possible to support a candidate who has a green-leftist gang whispering in his ear,” Tynkkynen says.

For many social democrats, the choice to vote was easier. Haavisto, which finished second, already had social democratic supporters during the first round.

“This is a result that can be lived with. We are certainly looking for connections with Stubb, who will be appointed president of the republic,” says the Sdp MP Titti Tuppurainen.

As a whole the election campaign in the second round was a gathering of people, Tuppurainen and Tynkkynen estimate. According to Tuppurainen, it is good that many voters who lost their number one candidate in the first round were able to support either candidate in the second round as well.

Tynkynen agrees.

“Besides that, I feel that the presidential candidates met the voters. They managed to get out of their ideological bubble,” Tynkkynen adds.

From Stubbs according to Tuppurainen and Tynkkynen’s assessment, will be different from his predecessor as president Sauli from Niinistö.

“Not as a big criticism of President Niinistö, but I think that Stubb can be a bit friendlier as president of the republic,” Tynkkynen reflects.

Stubb may raise more topics related to equality than his predecessor, Tuppurainen estimates, which may be pleasing to the Sdp.

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