How would it go if we voted today? The answer is the latest political survey by SWG for the La7 news. Practically stable, the survey notes, is the consensus for the leading Brothers of Italy party, which has fallen by 0.1 percentage points compared to last week. The Democratic Party also fell, marking -0.3%. On the other hand, the Five Star Movement (+0.4%), the League (+0.2%) and Forza Italia (+0.2%) are growing.

In more detail, FdI stands this week at 29.0% of the preferences, the Pd at 19.4%, M5S at 16.6%. So the League at 9.6%, Forza Italia at 6.9%, Action at 3.7% (-0.2%), the Greens and the Left 3.5% (-0.1%). And again: Italia Viva at 3.1% (+0.1%), +Europa at 2.8% (+0.3%), For Italy with Paragone 1.7% (-0.2%) , Unione Popolare stable at 1.2%, Noi Moderati 1.0% (-0.1%) and other lists 1.5% (-0.2%). Finally, the percentage of those who do not want to express themselves is significantly decreasing, going from 45% to 41%.