Gaza, Meloni-Schlein phone call. Yes from the Chamber to the motion for a ceasefire

As far as we know, Elly Schlein and Giorgia Meloni spoke twice today. At the center of the telephone conversations – the first shorter and the second more detailed – between the secretary of the Democratic Party and the prime minister is the situation in the Middle East, a comparison in light of the discussion underway in the Chamber with the motion presented by the dems in which they ask the humanitarian ceasefire and a peace conference.

In the meantime it has been the motion presented by the majority on the crisis in the Middle East was approved by the Chamber. Green light also for parts ofthe document presented by the Democratic Partyfirst signed by Elly Schlein, in which an immediate request is requested cease-fire. Ok in particular to the point that asks the Government to “support every initiative aimed at pursuing the unconditional release of the Israeli hostages and calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza”. However, the premise of the text was rejected.

The motion presented by Azione and most of the one filed by Iv were also approved. Stop to the 5 Star Movement document, with the green light however for the part that calls for the opening of humanitarian corridors, support for international initiatives for the release of hostages, and to inform Parliament on the authorization for the export of arms and on Red Sea missions. Finally, the motion of the Greens and Left Alliance was rejected, except for the commitment to convene a peace conference.

Schlein: “Talk with Meloni? From majority ok to ceasefire”

“I called Meloni on this conflict asking for a stronger and more incisive diplomatic and political initiative from the Italian government and we are certainly happy that the majority allowed the point” of the humanitarian ceasefire to pass, says Elly Schlein speaking with the reporters in the Chamber. “We are for a strong initiative from the Italian government and the EU for a political solution and the ceasefire is the first step for us” in this direction. “Despite not having a majority, this point has passed and this is a positive result for the whole country.”

For the Dem secretary, this is “an important step forward. We had presented this motion precisely to shake up the debate in the country and to obtain progress in Parliament’s positions and this has arrived today”.

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