Four Berlin MPs lose their mandate

Bundestag smaller by one seat
Four Berlin MPs lose their mandate

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After the Berlin repeat election, the FDP has to give up a seat in the Bundestag. A total of four MPs lose their mandate. But all twelve holders of direct mandates can defend their district.

Due to the partial repeat of the federal election in Berlin, four representatives from Berlin lose their mandate. The SPD, the Greens and the Left Party each have one seat going to applicants from other federal states, as the Federal Returning Officer announced on the night the preliminary election results were determined. The FDP, on the other hand, loses one seat without replacement. Parliament will therefore become smaller and will now only have 735 members instead of 736.

As expected, the repetition in a fifth of Berlin’s electoral districts did not lead to a shift in the majority in the federal government: the SPD remained the strongest force nationwide based on the share of second votes with 25.7 percent. The CDU was able to improve by 0.1 points to 19 percent, while the result of the Greens and FDP fell by 0.1 points to 14.7 and 11.4 percent respectively. The AfD gained 0.1 points to 10.4 percent. The Left remained at 4.9 percent and thus continues to fail at the five percent hurdle. Because of the so-called basic mandate clause, its representatives remain represented in the Bundestag thanks to three direct mandates – as do the members of the Sahra Wagenknecht alliance who have since split off.

There were only changes in the number of seats in the Bundestag for the FDP. According to the provisional final result, it only has 91 instead of 92 seats. Berlin MP Lars Lindemann is affected. Ana-Maria Trasnea loses her mandate with the SPD, Nina Stahr from the Greens with the Greens and Pascal Meiser with the Left. This benefits Angela Hohmann from Lower Saxony in the SPD, Franziska Krumwiede-Steiner from North Rhine-Westphalia in the Greens and Christine Buchholz from Hesse in the Left.

No changes to direct mandates

The partial election did not bring any changes to the directly elected representatives of the twelve capital constituencies. Even in the districts where a significant proportion of voters were called upon to vote again, none of the winners in September 2021 were pushed out, as the state election management announced that night.

The direct mandates in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (Michael Müller), Tempelhof-Schöneberg (Kevin Kühnert), Neukölln (Hakan Demir) and Spandau (Helmut Kleebank) remain in the hands of the SPD. The Greens retained their three direct mandates in Mitte (Hanna Steinmüller), Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg – Prenzlauer Berg Ost (Canan Bayram) and Pankow (Stefan Gelbhaar).

Mario Czaja in Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Thomas Heilmann in Steglitz-Zehlendorf and Monika Grütters in Reinickendorf were confirmed for the CDU. The Left retained the constituencies of Treptow-Köpenick (Gregor Gysi) and Lichtenberg (Gesine Lötzsch).

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