Footage from the imprisonment of the “Bi-2” Group in Thailand has been published

The leader of the “Bi-2” group, Igors Bortniks, aka Lova, posted a photo and video from the prison in Thailand, where the group spent several days after the arrest on January 24, on the “Instagram” website.

“Concerts in Thailand for reasons beyond our control turned out to be loud and full of impressions. Enough has been said and written about what happened. We just want to remind you that the main value of “Bi-2″ was and remains freedom. She is always with us. Fight for it – under any circumstances! See you at the concerts,” wrote the musician.

The members of “Bi-2” mentioned that the reason for the detention was “incorrect documents prepared by the organizers”, however, in their opinion, external pressure, which is the reason for the views and position of the musicians, played no less significant role. “Bi-2” openly opposed the war with Ukraine.

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