Fines | Basic Finland’s Mauri Peltokangas lost his driver’s license due to speeding

Basic Finns second vice-president, Member of Parliament Mauri Peltokangas says that he lost his driver’s license for a limited time due to speeding.

Peltokangas says in a Facebook update that he ran into the police’s radar on January 21.

“I was speeding on highway 8 near Munsala in Uussakaarlepyy. The police detected an instantaneous speed of 137 km/h in the overtaking situation,” he writes.

The speed limit on the road section in question is 80 kilometers per hour. The speed limit has been 57 kilometers per hour.

“It seems that the big diesel easily attacks too much,” Peltokangas writes.

At issue is not the first speeding fine that Peltokangas has received while serving as an MP.

In December 2022, he was also fined for speeding while driving at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour on a road with a speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour. Peltokangas received a temporary driving ban at that time as well.

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