PNL Bucharest did not have a full president until today’s meeting, the organization being coordinated by vice-president Thuma Hubert, president CJ Ilfov. He was appointed to this position on April 6, 2023 after the former president, Ciprian Ciucu, resigned.

The vote for Sebastian Burduja was unanimous, and George Tuță is to be installed at the head of the PNL Sector 1 organization. Both are close to the former SRI director, Eduard Hellvig. Tuță was Hellvig’s adviser, while Burduja was praised several times this year by the former SRI director for his work at the helm of the Ministry of Energy.

Rareș Bogdan and Dan Motreanu refused the offers from the PNL leadership to take over the leadership of the organization in the Capital and to assume a candidacy for the City Hall.

Burduja does not want Nicușor

In the internal discussions, Sebastian Burduja did not refuse a candidacy for the Capital City Hall, even though in the PNL polls he has a score of 11%. Moreover, at the level of Bucharest, the liberals have a score below the national average, only 15%.

The minister conveyed to his colleagues, in the informal discussions, that he does not want to support the candidacy of Nicușor Dan for a new mandate. In fact, in the first speech after the BPN, Burduja criticized Nicușor Dan and the way he administered Bucharest.

Nicolae Ciucă told his colleagues, at the BPN meeting, that he had a discussion with Nicușor Dan about the candidacy for the Capital City Hall. The liberals want the mayor to join the party in order to be supported at City Hall.

Elections 2024. Ciucă asked Nicușor Dan to join the PNL to support him at the Capital City Hall, Bode will be the head of the campaign
Sebastian Burduja is the new head of PNL Bucharest Photo: Hepta

Bolojan returns to the campaign team

After the PNL leadership decided at the meeting in Sinaia, from the beginning of November, that the party would go alone in the 2024 elections, the National Permanent Bureau also established the team that will lead the electoral campaign.

The head of the campaign will be Lucian Bode, the general secretary of the party. He will be helped, according to the decision made on Monday, by heavy names of the party, such as Dan Motreanu, Ilie Bolojan, Vasile Blaga and Rareș Bogdan.

Each organization was given the mission to assume a target to reach for the European Parliament elections. If they do not achieve the advanced percentage at the center, the heads of organizations risk losing their position.

Dan Motreanu stated, at the end of the PNL meeting, that it has not been determined what the target assumed by the party at the national level will be, but he emphasized that any party president who does not achieve the objective will be removed from office.

PHOTO: Inquam Photos