Election battle | A touching moment was seen at Haavisto’s audition when Stubb stepped onto the stage

“Are one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

These were the 13th president of Finland by Alexander Stubb words to his rival brother Pekka Haavisto Helsinki Töölö at Korjaamo in the election supervisors of Haavisto.

At the end of his own speech, Haavisto announced to his supporters that he has one more “surprise” for the audience. Stubb said that he had previously agreed with Haavisto that the candidate who won the election would visit the supervisors of the loser on election night.

“And this was good,” Stubb said after walking onto the stage next to Haavisto.

Haavisto’s supporters gave Stubb’s gesture a big round of applause. Haavisto and Stubb hugged.

On Haavisto thanked Stubb for a fair campaign. Thanks were also heard in the other direction.

“I want to thank you personally for this trip. This would have been a tougher journey if we weren’t good friends,” Stubb said.

Stubb also praised Haavisto for his special expertise.

“Here is one of the toughest peace mediators in the history of Finland. The work doesn’t end here,” Stubb said before leaving for his own supervisors.

Stubby and the second round between Haavisto will go down in the history of Finnish presidential electionsbecause it was the tightest fight ever.

Stubb received 1,575,211 votes and Haaviston 1,476,548, i.e. the difference was 98,663 votes. On election day, Haavisto got 12,356 more votes than Stubb.

Until now, the smallest difference in the number of votes has been seen in 2000, when Tarja Halonen won Esko Aho with a percentage of 51.6–48.4. Esko Aho lost the second round of the presidential election to Tarja Halonen with 103,729 votes.

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