Ciolacu, Ironic Retort For Geoana: “After I Asked Her To Run For The Presidential Election, I Called Mrs. Soșoacă To Be Prime Minister”

“After I asked Mr. Mircea Geoană, I left and called Mrs. Soșoacă and proposed to her to be prime minister,” said Marcel Ciolacu, in an ironic tone.

The PSD leader also said that the PSD will never support an independent candidate for the presidential elections.

“I am the PSD president. I don’t know if I will be a candidate for the position of president or not. At this point, I can tell you in all honesty that I didn’t even think about being a candidate. What I can tell you with certainty, with the heart of a PSD-ist, as a founding member for 30 years, never PSD and I personally, not that I will not propose, nor will it occur to me to support an independent from PSD”, added Marcel Ciolacu.

President Marcel Ciolacu’s statements come after, on Monday evening, NATO Deputy Secretary General Ircea Ge claimed, on Digi24, that PSD leaders, including Marcel Ciolacu, .

“I had discussions with them, they came to my office to propose that I run as an independent candidate supported by the PSD, for a very simple calculation. Because the PSD votes in the presidential elections, where four million Romanians come in addition to the regular elections, are not enough to win the presidency of Romania. You want to win the presidency of Romania strictly on the PSD, you don’t have votes”, said Mircea Geoană.

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