At the age of 99, the Canadian swimmer breaks three world records

Canadian swimmer Betty Brusela not only broke three world records at the beginning of the year, but will also celebrate her 100th anniversary in July, CBC reports.

“When [es] swimming, I count my laps… you can’t really focus on anything else because then you lose count,” Brusela reveals.

“It’s nice to get a medal. But if I’m having a good time, that’s good too,” she told The Current.

Brusela broke the world record in the women’s 400m freestyle in the 100-104 age category at the Swimming Championships in Victoria on January 20.

According to the rules of the competition, Brusela qualifies for this category because she turns 100 this year.

She beat the previous record by almost four minutes and broke two more records on the same day – the 50-meter breaststroke and the 50-meter backstroke.

Brusela was born in the Netherlands, where she learned to swim in the canals around Amsterdam. She later moved to Canada and settled in Grand Forks in 1959. In the moments when she could get away from raising a family and household duties, she devoted herself to swimming.

It wasn’t until the early 1990s that she took part in a swimming competition for the first time at the age of 68.

Photo: Screenshot from video: youtube/@AuroraMasterducks
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