Alina Gorghiu, About the Failure of the Negotiations Between the PNL and the PSD on Comasare: We Are Approaching the Deadline

“The mandate that President Ciucă had from the National Political Bureau was a broad one: go and discuss with the coalition colleagues about the way in which we can bring more people to vote, have mandates with representativeness behind them, let’s still respect the criterion of reducing the costs that five rounds of elections would entail, and so on. I, for one, am not really happy that no conclusion has been reached, because we are approaching the deadline by which the Government must propose the Government Decision with the election calendar”, stated Gorghiu to Digi24.

She stated that the decision must be made by the beginning of next month at the latest. “At the beginning of March, according to the calendar, the judges from the ÎCCJ, who will be part of the Central Electoral Bureau, should be drawn, and we are already entering the logic of the elections. So it’s a shame that no conclusion was reached,” added the liberal vice-president.

PSD and PNL have not decided to merge

The statements came in the context in which, after almost three hours of discussions at the Victoria Palace between the two coalition parties, the leader of the PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, and the leader of the PNL, Nicolae Ciucă, regarding the merger of the European parliamentary elections with the local ones, declared on Monday , February 12, sources from the coalition for Freedom. “We don’t know, honestly, what are the chances of getting along”, .

Four types of elections are scheduled this year, they are European parliamentary, local, parliamentary and presidential. At this moment, the only certainty is that on June 9, European parliamentary elections will take place.

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