Solana Mobile received more than 100,000 pre-orders for the Saga Chapter 2 smartphone

  • Solana Mobile said that the number of pre-orders for the new smartphone has exceeded 100,000.
  • It took the company less than 30 days to achieve this target.
  • Anatoly Yakovenko noted that user funds will make the project’s economy more “viable.”

Solana Mobile announced that it has received over 100,000 pre-orders for the Saga Chapter 2 smartphone. Less than 30 days have passed since the announcement of the device.

Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko noted that the active involvement of users greatly simplifies the implementation of the project. According to him, the launch of the first device had stricter financial limits. However, the collected $45 million makes the economics of sales of the second device much more “viable,” Yakovenko believes.

The entrepreneur also stated that, like the first smartphone, Saga Chapter 2 will have special features related to the digital asset industry. Particular emphasis will be placed on the connection of the device with the Solana blockchain, Yakovenko emphasized.

“It is very difficult to beat Apple and Google in terms of camera and other technical features that their leading smartphones boast. This is why we really care about cryptocurrency specific features. We’re trying to create something that you can’t get on another device,” said the Solana co-founder.

Yakovenko believes that the potential number of users of the new smartphone is close to the critical mass needed to attract application developers in the blockchain ecosystem. According to him, the online store Solana does not charge the 20% to 30% commission that Google and Apple corporations established for software sellers.

The company noted that after reaching the 100,000 pre-orders mark, they are ready to begin the next step in the project. Pre-orders will close on February 14, 2024.

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