The board of directors’ list of candidates for the position of director for the financial years 2024-26 of Mediobanca was filed today, in view of the renewal of the top management. The list was made public on September 20th. For the presentation of the other lists, including Delfin, you have until October 3rd.

In the game for the renewal of the board, we look at the moves of important shareholders such as Edizione and Unipol. For the holding company of the Benetton group, a shareholder of Piazzetta Cuccia with 2.2%, the meeting of the board of directors is awaited which, as financial sources interviewed explain, will evaluate all the options on the table. However, there is no date yet for the board meeting. For the renewal of Generali’s board of directors, which took place in the meeting of April 2022, Edizione sided with Delfin and Caltagirone. As regards Unipol, other sources interviewed observed that alignment with the decisions of the pact would be foreseeable.

Exactly one week before the October 3rd deadline, the spotlight remains, however, on the list that Delfin will present, after the failure to agree on a shared board of directors list. The orientation on the part of the safe of Leonardo Del Vecchio’s heirs is to present a list of five names. A line that is considered ‘softer’ than the option of a list of seven councillors.