JPMorgan: Just 7% of Institutional Investors Believe in Blockchain’s Potential

  • JPMorgan experts conducted a survey among 4,000 institutional investors.
  • Only 7% of respondents believe in the potential of blockchain technology.
  • In 2022, the figure was 25%, according to the researchers.

There are fewer institutional investors who believe in the potential of blockchain. This is evidenced by survey data from the American bank JPMorgan.

Experts conducted market research and surveyed about 4,000 institutional traders from more than 65 countries. Just 7% of respondents expressed confidence in the potential of blockchain over the next three years.

By comparison, in 2022, 25% of investors considered blockchain a promising technology. In 2023, that figure dropped to 12%, according to the report.

Meanwhile, blockchain still ranks third in importance behind artificial intelligence (61%) and API integration (13%):

JPMorgan research shows declining faith in blockchain's potential.  Source: JPMorgan
JPMorgan research shows declining faith in blockchains potential Source JPMorgan

27% of traders believe that inflation will have the greatest impact on markets in 2024. Another 20% expect major changes due to the US elections. Meanwhile, recession expectations fell to 18%, down from 30% in 2023.

27% of investors named inflation as the main factor that could affect markets in 2024.  Source: JPMorgan
27 of investors named inflation as the main factor that could affect markets in 2024 Source JPMorgan

The survey also showed that 78% of respondents do not plan to engage in cryptocurrency trading, while 9% are actively trading digital assets. Another 12% of participants are considering the possibility of entering the cryptocurrency market in the next five years, JPMorgan noted.

Earlier, bank experts noted a decrease in interest in spot Bitcoin ETFs. They also came to the conclusion that the growing dominance of Tether could negatively affect the crypto market.

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