Fix up grandma’s house. A subsidy will help with financing, are you entitled to it?

The program primarily serves to finance sustainable renovations of family homes. It covers up to half of the costs associated with achieving energy savings in the home. This includes the implementation of optimal insulation, but also, for example, the installation of photovoltaics or the use of rainwater. Reconstruction can thus represent a way to evaluate your finances or secure your own quality housing.

“Older houses often have high operating costs, which make them unattractive for heirs or potential buyers, or even unsuitable for long-term use. At the same time, reconstruction can very significantly affect both the comfort of living and the future value of the property,” explains Petr Magda, managing director of Wienerbergeg, adding that if the home owner invests in increasing the energy efficiency of the building, he will consume only a minimum of energy in the future, which will enable him to reduce living costs and use the funds differently.

QUIZ: What do you know about the grant Repair Grandma’s House?

If you are not sure how to apply and which contributions or bonuses you might be entitled to, use the assistance of experts who will guide you through the entire process, or the investor’s subsidy potential calculators available on the Internet. It will make it possible to estimate the amount of the contribution based on the construction parameters.

In the second quarter of this year, 7,300 building permits were issued for reconstruction, of which 6,945 related to residential premises. Thus, interest in reconstruction has been growing steadily since the summer of last year. Even so, 17% of family houses in the Czech Republic remain unoccupied, although they could serve their purpose.

Do you know which of them could be helped by state contributions for renovation? Try today’s quiz and you might find out that your house can also get a subsidy.

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