Deutsche Telekom announces partnership with Foundation

  • Deutsche Telekom has become the first corporate partner of the Foundation.
  • The organization is behind the blockchain platform of the same name, focused on promoting AI technologies.
  • The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary will become a validator on the network.

Telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom has announced a partnership with the Foundation. The main goal of cooperation is to promote the development of technologies based on artificial intelligence and the Web3 industry.

Deutsche Telekom will become the first corporate partner of the organization, which was created in February 2023 by Bosch and the blockchain platform The foundation’s activities are aimed at finding practical solutions in three areas – mobility, industry and consumer goods.

According to the statement, Deutsche Telekom subsidiary MMS will act as a validator for the network. Representatives of the platform note that cooperation with this company will ensure the security and efficiency of the network with autonomous agents based on artificial intelligence.

In addition, MMS and the Foundation will participate in the Bosch Connected Experience event on February 28, 2024. As part of the event, a hackathon will be held aimed at promoting the development of technologies in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).

“This partnership is an important milestone for Through research, development, and practical application of artificial intelligence and decentralized Web3 technologies, real-world solutions can be integrated to improve the existing network,” said CEO.

Let us recall that we wrote that Apple plans to create generative artificial intelligence and launch it at the end of 2024.

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