Cryptology experts predicted the price movements of Bitcoin and altcoins

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On February 9, 2024, the Bitcoin rate again tested levels above $48,000 and consolidated near this level, according to TradingView. Cryptology experts predicted further changes in the prices of the first cryptocurrency and some altcoins.


As we can see, the price has returned to the extremes of 2024 and will soon surpass them. Its goal is to update the annual maximum by filling the monthly imbalance.

Monthly BTC/USD chart.  Data: TradingView.
<em>Monthly BTCUSD chart Data TradingView <em>

The manipulation falls on Sunday, February 11, 2024. In this regard, we expect a pullback in the first half of the week, therefore, we need to prepare to select altcoins; there is not much time left for jumping.

Weekly chart of BTC/USD.  Data: TradingView.
<em>Weekly chart of BTCUSD Data TradingView <em>

Before moving to $52,000, we want to see a rollback to $46,000, followed by a return to strength and a jump. Everything here is as obvious as possible, except that the correction may be deeper – to $45,000.

Daily chart of BTC/USD.  Data: TradingView.
<em>Daily chart of BTCUSD Data TradingView<em>

Everything is similar here, we have two areas for catching Bitcoin, if of course it goes down and does not ignore the correction.

Four-hour chart of BTC/USD.  Data: TradingView.
<em>Four hour chart of BTCUSD Data TradingView <em>


Fantom (FTM)

The asset is interesting for purchase when entering the turbulence zone between $0.36 and $0.34. When volume appears, it is worth considering it for longs.

Weekly chart FTM/USDT.P.  Data: TradingView.
<em>Weekly chart FTMUSDTP Data TradingView <em>

Galxe (GAL)

The situation is similar with Maverick (MAV), I would like to see a pump here in the coming days.

Weekly chart GAL/USDT.  Data: TradingView.
<em>Weekly chart GALUSDT Data TradingView <em>

But before that, we want the price to be minimal, but we want to go into the area and work with the pools there. The chart looks strong, the asset may continue its structural movement.

Daily chart GAL/USDT.  Data: TradingView.
Daily chart GALUSDT Data TradingView

Synthetix (SNX)

The week absorbs in a similar way. We are waiting for a shot at withdrawing local liquidity pools from weekly highs.

Weekly chart SNX/USDT.  Data: TradingView.
<em>Weekly chart SNXUSDT Data TradingView <em>

Before moving to $4.2, we need to update the local minimum. However, we must remember that growth can continue without strong corrections.

Daily chart SNX/USDT.  Data: TradingView.
<em>Daily chart SNXUSDT Data TradingView <em>


PEPE tested the area of ​​interest and received a reaction of 13%, but it is too early to rejoice. We expect another long-term accumulation within the current range with the goal of testing $0.00000082 and opening the road to $0.00000439 and higher.

Weekly chart PEPE/USDT.  Data: TradingView.
<em>Weekly chart PEPEUSDT Data TradingView <em>

As soon as we reach the $0.00000102 area, we expect to see weakness in the altcoin and a willingness to update the low, forming a clear structural swing for a future break in the daily time frame.

Daily chart PEPE/USDT.  Data: TradingView.
Daily chart PEPEUSDT Data TradingView

Livepeer (LPT)

When strength appears and the asset consolidates above $9.24, growth awaits us. However, if we catch weakness there and the price closes the weekly candles with large wicks, then the next goal is a re-test of the imbalance area and only then a rise to $16.

Weekly chart LPT/USDT.  Data: TradingView.
<em>Weekly chart LPTUSDT Data TradingView <em>

If liquidity turns into structure, we will be on track for an impulse pump with a daily candle close above $7.87. This movement will be more like a structural move from the MAV coin.

Daily chart LPT/USDT.  Data: TradingView.
<em>Daily chart LPTUSDT Data TradingView <em>

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