Žanna Dubska, Baiba Vītiņa and Kaspars Zāle are the guests of “Vakariņš ar savējs”

Regular parties and well-known celebrities in Latvia return to your home with fresh news – the role of host of the kitchen in the fifth season of the show “Vakariņš ar savėjems” is taken over by event host, musician and real person – Nauris Brikmanis. The new season will start in Riga, where stylist Žanna Dubska, actor Kaspars Zāle and TV show host Baiba Vītiņa will visit three Latvian women – Viktorija, Daiga and Dace.

The dinner will be in Latgale mood, because all three girls are from Latgale and are very proud of it. It is true that Zhanna Dubska will notice that she is a little confused and will call the ladies “changals”, but the small misunderstanding will not be an obstacle to enjoy a real schmakovka party, washed down with grandma’s pickled cucumbers. Fun moments will be provided by the game “Ledlauzis”, which will allow you to get to know celebrities closer and challenge you to answer open questions about your private life. Zhanna will tell you how awkward a moment she experienced, remaining without a skirt in front of everyone, Kaspars Zāle will be surprised to discover that he has graduated from the craft high school and his spirit’s work is currently decorating the Aglona Basilica. Meanwhile, Baiba Vītiņa will clarify about her tattoos and their true meaning. More than once, the conversations will turn into a very spicy bed, allowing you to find out which of the celebrities is jealous, and which one indulged in love pleasures in the Icelandic glaciers?

The first week of the Latgalian hospitality full of contrasts “Dinner with his own” will take you to the king of Maskačka, Uldas, in Riga, who will bring roltons to the table and ask for a free style consultation from Zhanna Dubska herself. On the other hand, a real family of rockers will challenge the celebrities on a crazy ride with snowmobiles, on another evening, the stars will take a good bath in the sauna and enjoy beauty treatments after filming. Cupid’s arrows will also fly in the air – this time they will hit one of the daughters of the family, which will be visited by celebrities. She will take a look at the actor Kaspars Zaales and, without wasting too much time, will try to find out how serious a cavalier he could be. Will the feelings be mutual? Because as it turns out, the actor currently enjoys the status of a free man.

Warm visits, fun evenings and celebrities who are like your own – the new season of “Dinner with your own” is coming to your home!

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