Why did the Soviet government not want to allow the band “Remix” to work?

In the big musical show “Duel of the Generations”, one of the tasks revealed that in Soviet Latvia, the security services of that time had strict views on the length of men’s hair, which could even affect the artist’s ability to sing in a group. This is said to have happened to singer Igo and Vilni Krieviņas, who had worked in the rock group “Līvi” for some time.

“Classically, men’s hair was like this, in high school – two fingers above the back of the collar, the length of the hair was allowed. If it was longer, then they sent the hair to a hairdresser.” Andris Baltacis remembers.

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The Golden Generation of the “Duel of the Generations” remembers how the length of the hair affected the possibilities of a musician in Soviet times

Andris Baltacis Photo: 1188play screenshot
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