Why did Anatolii Livcha hide his phone under the car’s spare wheel at the beginning of the relationship?

The Livcha family, participants of the show “Family in a jar”, have gone on a romantic holiday after a 7-year break, and for the first time, the Livcha couple has gone without children. Anatoly and Loretta’s conversations also reveal old, unforgettable wounds – at the beginning of the relationship, it turns out that Anatoly “sat on two chairs” and was not faithful to only one lady.

“Actually, our relationship has been extremely motley, I would say that we have already gone through a very pronounced “cat and mouse” period, but at the very beginning Anatoly had a special phone that he had bought, probably for me, to communicate with me, so his girlfriend wouldn’t find out, and it was a 3310 Nokia under the car’s spare wheel.” Loretta remembers the beginnings of the relationship.

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Loretta and Anatolij Livčas Photo: 1188play screenshot
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