“When they meet” this week will be visited by Evija Cheprova, Samantha Tina, Inga Grenzberga and Olegs Fils

Is one true love for a lifetime possible? Is there only one step from love to hate and how to live without it? In the program “When they meet” during the week of love, conversations will be about and around love – passionate, breathtaking, unexpected and capable of inspiring.

Socionics expert Evija Cheprova will reveal how to find a compatible partner and whether the chemistry of feelings can really be calculated. Evie believes that lifelong love is possible if you meet the right person. But why are there so many lonely people in Latvia?

The new wife, singer Samanta Tīne, exchanged rings with her chosen one at the end of the year. The newlyweds celebrated their wedding according to Vedic traditions, but do they practice it everyday – sleeping separately with their husband? During the conversation, she will reveal how she feels about her new role in life and what was the moment when she truly believed that this was true love.

Writer Inga Grenzberga can be proud of the fact that she has met the love of her life – director Jillinger. Will Inga also talk about it in the new book published by nule?

Businessman Olegs Fils will openly share about his current relationship with his spouse Kristini, in which he feels very happy. But how were the previous marriages dissolved and who takes care of the children, and why was the marriage with Sant Zāmuel so scandalously dissolved?

The whole week will be filled with love, its twists and turns and the search for the right formula, but it will be a damn glorious week where we will remind ourselves that being loved and loving is the greatest gift in this life!

Watch the program “When they meet” on the STV channel from Monday to Thursday at 20.20 and around the clock on 1188Play and 1188.lv!

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