We saw the Light Art Museum’s light exhibition: a self-torturing machine and the country’s largest immersive space awaited us

The former market square on Hold Street has been home to the Light Art Museum Budapest for a year and a half now.

In a special museum, the essence of the works on display is electromagnetic radiation perceptible to the human eye, i.e. light. The effect is guaranteed at the Superluminal exhibition of the private museum. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by an attractive artwork: György Kepes Glowing columns a reproduction of his work titled The creation, inspired by the heating fibers of toasters, was first seen by the public in 1973 in Boston.

The building also has the largest immersive space in the country: in a huge Zeppelin, the light show is projected onto a two thousand square meter screen. It is not only special because of its size: very few people can project onto a non-flat area, this form is a challenge even for the biggest stars.

Through the works of more than 40 internationally noted artists, the exhibition that can be seen at the moment tries to present light as a physical and natural phenomenon, an indicator of technological development and a cultural construct endowed with symbolic meaning in immersive spaces, light installations and projections.

The Light Art Museum’s Superluminal exhibition can be viewed until May 20, 2024. More information on tickets and opening hours can be found on the museum’s website.


The video was commissioned by the Light Art Museum.

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