TV ratings, ‘Califano’ with Leo Gassmann wins

Victory for Rai1 in yesterday’s prime time with the TV film starring Leo Gassmann ‘Califano‘ seen by 4,174,000 viewers equal to a 22.8% share. Second step of the podium for Canale5 with ‘The Record Show‘ which instead obtained 2,164,000 viewers equal to a share of 14.32%. Third place for Fabio Fazio with ‘What’s the weather like‘ which on the Nine involved 1,998,000 viewers (9.50% share).

Off the podium on Rai3 ‘Report’ achieved 1,604,000 viewers (share of 8.08%) while on Italia1 the film ‘The Mummy’ was seen by 996,000 viewers reaching a share of 5.07%. On Rai2, however, the appointment with the series ‘9-1-1’ obtained a 3.7% share with 794,000 viewers and, followed by ‘9-1-1 – Lone Star’ obtained 4% share with 790 thousand viewers. On Retequattro ‘Zona Bianca’ was watched by 567,000 viewers (share of 3.8%) while on Tv8 ‘Petra’ totaled 404,000 viewers and a share of 2.1%. La7 closes prime time ratings with the film ‘The Client’ followed by 363,000 viewers (1.88% share).

In the’access prime time on the flagship network of Viale Mazzini ‘Dietro Festival’ obtained 5,586,000 viewers (share of 26.4%) while on Canale5 ‘Paperissima Sprint’ was followed by 3,088,000 viewers (share of 14.6%). In the early evening slot, the last part of ‘Domenica in’ was seen by 5,619,000 viewers equal to 34.9%. On Canale5 ‘Avanti un Altro! Story’ instead attracted 2,669,000 viewers, equal to a 14.7% share.

In the complex the comparison of the generalist networks Rai plus RaiNews24 with the generalist Mediaset plus TgCom24 saw, over the entire day, Rai with 4,331,000 viewers (41.1% share) and Mediaset with 2,137,000 viewers (20% share). 3%). In prime time, Rai totaled 7,388,000 viewers and 35.5% while Mediaset obtained 4 million 646 thousand viewers (22.4% share).

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