The peculiar confession of the housewife causes a profound shock on the faces of celebrities

At the beginning of the new season of the show “Dinner with friends”, all the participants of the first series became friends and shared their various secrets with the help of the game. Stylist Zhanna Dubska told what was under her skirt, but this secret was surpassed by one of the Latvian women and housewives, Daiga, who shared her secret, revealing that she does not eat chips, but licks off the spices from them. This, of course, caused a profound shock on the faces of the celebrities.

“Sometimes I like to eat chips, just licking them and then I don’t even eat them, I just lick them and put them away.” Daiga shares her secret.

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Žanna Dubska, Baiba Vītiņa and Kaspars Zāle Photo: 1188play screenshot
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