The legendary Ingus Ulmanis and Mārtiņš Kanters are leaving the show “Paaudžu duelis”.

360TV’s big musical show “Duel of Generations” not only unites two bright teams of musicians, it is a show full of emotions and twists and turns, and so are the votes of the participants. For the second time in the history of the duels, the performances of the two teams of musicians were tied, and as the rules of the show provide, the “Duel of the Generations” had to be left to two participants – one from each team. This time, the music legend Ingus Ulmanis and the radio personality of the Green Generation, Mārtiņš Kanters, left the show.

In this Duel of Generations, we could sing and feel heartbreaking songs such as “Strawberries”, “The Last Letter”, “If I Were the Wind” and many others. During the six duels, the Golden team was in the clear lead, but the Green team managed to equalize the score at the last moment and the duel ended in a draw, and Ingum Ulman and Mārtiņš Kanter had to leave the show.

“I wanted to say one thing about this show, that I haven’t been with so many stars together for a long time, more like individually, and I was a little afraid of this feeling, how I would feel and the old song comes back – all the people are, as they say, and the sincerity that reigns behind the scenes is also among the stars!” Ulmanis shared his feelings.

Both teams will continue their duels, which means that next Friday, 360TV viewers will be able to sympathize with Olga Rajecka, Andri Baltacis, Marija Naumova and Katrīna Dimantas, but the composition of both teams will be supplemented by a new member. So who will they be? We’ll find out in the December 15 broadcast!

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Ingus Ulmanis, Lauris Reiniks and Mārtiņš Kanters in the big show “Duel of Generations” Photo: 360TV

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