the case after Sanremo and Domenica In

Ghali, after the controversies of Sanremo and Domenica In, will be a guest of Fabio Fazio on Che tempo which from Sunday 18 February 2024 on Nove. The rapper is currently at the center of the debate.

On the Ariston stage, he uttered the phrase ‘Stop the genocide’ referring to Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip. The sentence sparked an immediate reaction from the Israeli ambassador, referring to the use of the Sanremo stage. Yesterday, . At the end of the episode, in which on the topic of immigration, the presenter read a note in which Rai CEO Roberto Sergio expressed solidarity with Israel.

Politics and Ghali

Television events have become the subject of political commentary. “The messages must always be equidistant, yesterday afternoon Mara Venier read a statement from Sergio which rebalanced the situation”, says Antonio Tajani, secretary of Forza Italia, on the sidelines of a press conference in the Chamber. “It’s fair to say – he adds – enough with the Palestinian civilian deaths, but it’s fair to say that there is someone responsible for what happened”. “On the Italian side, great balance is needed”, he adds.

“Of course” that singers must be free to say what they think “but also to be correct”, says Ignazio La Russa, video-connected with un Giorno da Pecora on Rai Radio 1, returning to the appeal launched against the genocide of the Palestinians from Ghali. “At his home he can do what he wants, he can also say it from the stage but it is the duty of the person hosting the program to intervene, it was enough to remember that there are hostages in the hands of Hamas terrorists”, concludes La Russa.

“The Sanremo Festival is the maximum expression of Italian song and each artist must always be and feel fully free to express their opinions, respecting everyone. This is what Ghali did, this is what other artists have done on the most diverse themes and through own songs. Amadeus and Rai have guaranteed this freedom and they must be given credit for it. No external pressure can limit the free expression of everyone’s opinions, especially on the public service”, says the president of the Rai supervisory commission Barbara in a note Florida.

”Rai has always followed and given ample space to the tragedy of 7 October and has always remembered the Israeli hostages in its information and in-depth spaces and the CEO of Rai did well to express solidarity towards Israel – he underlines – but his role, unlike that of an artist, would have required him to express himself in the same way also towards the Palestinian civilian victims of the war in Gaza”.

”And this did not happen – he continues – Anyone who holds an institutional role has the duty of balance, while his intervention seemed to have the intention of stigmatizing the free expression of the opinions of some artists. It is clear that this is not the spirit of the Public Service, and that the company cannot lend itself in this way to such a controversy on such a serious and delicate topic”, concludes Floridia.

“A black page from Rai on Domenica In. The public service that fears artists and their voices, which attempts censorship in a disorderly way, ceases to be such. Ghali and Dargen, with a message of peace, have shown all the weakness of this system of power”, writes the dem deputy Alessandro Zan, head of Rights of the Democratic Party, in X.

“Ghali in Sanremo? Words always have a weight, he could express his thoughts but certain words lead to raising tension more, working for peace also means changing the language”, he tells Rai Radio1, guest of ‘Un Giorno from Pecora’, the outgoing mayor of Florence Dario Nardella.

“The accusations of censorship against CEO Roberto Sergio are simply ridiculous. We would have expected, if anything, that the opposition would recognize the extraordinary public success achieved by Rai and compliment the top management, but instead everything is bent to the logic of perennial opposition and instrumental, as in the case of Ghali’s words. We would also like it if every now and then someone would remember the victims of Hamas and the brutal and bloody methods of a terrorist organization that holds an entire population hostage and whose objective is the destruction of Israel and the elimination of the Jews”, states the president of Noi Moderates, Maurizio Lupi.

“We all – he adds – want peace in the Middle East, a just peace, a peace that eradicates terrorism and allows the fulfillment of the ‘two peoples, two states’ principle. Continue to face each other, today, with the same spirit of the Guelphs and Ghibellines, even on major international issues, it is of little use and above all harmful to the country.”

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