The actor Péter Sándor was fired from the Operetta because of the “content and tone of his expressions within the walls of the theater” wrote a few weeks ago that the viewers started a petition Alexander Peter for an actor, after not getting work in the March and April shows, despite his many running plays. The actor later said that he was confident in his return.

The speculations were put to an end by the Budapest Operettszínház, who announced on their official website that Sándor is leaving the theater.

The Press Communication Department of the Budapest Operettszínház announces that the theater has terminated the contract with the artist Péter Sándor. The Budapest Operettszínház has not disclosed the termination of the contract between the management of the theater and Péter Sándor due to negotiations that ended without results.

As they say, Kiss-B. Atilla the director-general highly appreciates the actor’s singing and acting qualities, at the same time

The content and tone of Péter Sándor’s recent expressions within the walls of the theater would be unacceptable in any other theater, just as it is also indefensible in the Budapest Operetta Theater, therefore, based on the above reasons, the management of the theater has decided that it does not wish to work with Péter Sándor at the moment.

At the end of the statement seen by, the case is considered closed.

USA News Today