Sylvester Stallone wants Ryan Gosling as Rambo successor

New role for “Barbie” star?
Sylvester Stallone wants Ryan Gosling as Rambo successor

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In the box office hit “Barbie,” photos of Sylvester Stallone serve as a model for the character Ken, played by Ryan Gosling. Now the action star is bringing the heartthrob into play to replace his role as Rambo. At a dinner, Gosling confessed his obsession with Stallone’s action series.

Sylvester Stallone has a surprising choice when it comes to a possible successor to his signature role Rambo. On “The Tonight Show” Stallone said he would pass the baton to Ryan Gosling (43). The action star is aware that many people might consider the 43-year-old Ken actor from “Barbie” to be too handsome for Rambo.

The conversation with “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon came to Rambo in a roundabout way. Fallon first addressed Stallone about his association with “Barbie.” The 77-year-old “Rocky” actor almost ended up in Greta Gerwig’s hit film. Stallone would have liked to have been there, but had to cancel due to scheduling reasons. “And then they kind of took my image for the movie, for Ryan, and that was just amazing,” the action star said.

Because Sylvester Stallone is definitely present in “Barbie”. In one scene there is a photo of him in a fur coat – a cliché image of masculinity that Barbie and Ken discover in the real world. The now famous coat that Gosling wears later in the film is inspired by Stallone. And when Ken later trains to develop from Barbie follower to alpha male, Stallone posters hang on the wall. The role of Ken earned Gosling an Oscar nomination. In an interview he described it as the most difficult role of his career.

Gosling was obsessed with Rambo

But there is not only a connection between Sylvester Stallone and “Barbie”, but also between Ryan Gosling and “Rambo”. The two actors once met for dinner, as Stallone told Jimmy Fallon. Ryan Gosling said that he was obsessed with the action series as a teenager. At school he dressed like John Rambo and was sent home for it. That didn’t stop him from continuing to emulate the film hero.

That’s why Sylvester Stallone probably thought of Ryan Gosling when it came to a possible Rambo successor. Originally, the role of the one-man army almost went to an actor who is physically even further removed from Sylvester Stallone than Ryan Gosling: Dustin Hoffman.

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