Sanremo and the ‘stop genocide’ message, from Muccino to Levante solidarity with Ghali

Ghali’s appeal from the Sanremo stage to “stop the genocide in Gaza” and Rai’s apology to Israel hold sway on social media, where many people from the entertainment world defend the singer and share his thoughts.

On Instagram silent post by Gabriele Muccino: photo of the Israeli flag with Mameli’s anthem in the background. The reference is to the controversy raised by the statement read yesterday live on Rai 1 by Mara Venier and signed by the CEO of Rai, Roberto Sergio: a message from the Ariston stage on the evening of the festival final when the artist, at at the end of his performance, he called for a “stop to the genocide”. The post received a ‘like’ from Negramaro’s official profile and Alessandro Da Battista wrote: “Very good”.

Levante also took up Ghali’s defense who in a story underlines how “an unpleasant thing happened on TV, when in front of millions of viewers a representative of Israel apologized for having expressed a desire for peace and to stop a genocide that is taking place every day under the our eyes and which is talked about too little”. Levante, who also publishes two photos with the desperate faces of the children of Gaza, underlines that “if a Ghali goes on stage and says ‘stop the genocide’, if Danger d’Amico goes on stage and talks about important issues that concern us all , there are two of us, like me there are three of us, but after what? They all pretend nothing happened. C’amu a fari?” he asks in Sicilian.

He entrusts his reflections to X Alessandro Gassman. “If one makes it clear that the Hamas massacre and the kidnapping of defenseless Israeli civilians on 7 October was a barbaric act and that Israel had the right to defend itself, it must be made clear that the retaliation on defenseless civilians Gaza and the rest of Palestine decided by Netanyahu is far excessive and that the death to date of 28,000 thousand Palestinians including almost 10,000 children cannot be justified”, we read in a post by the actor who then, in response to a comment from a follower who maintains that “the State of Palestine must exist. The Palestinians have the right to their own state, free from Israeli occupation” states peremptorily: “I agree”.

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