Sanremo 2024, radio and platforms overturn the verdict: Mahmood wins

For radio and platforms, Mahmood is the winner among the singers competing in Sanremo 2024. Three days after the crowning of Angelina Mango as winner of the festival, the rankings of the radio rotation and the streaming platform of the days following the festival return a verdict that upsets the Sanremo podium. For three days, in fact, Angelina Mango has never appeared at the top of the Earone Sanremo Airplay and Spotify top ten, rankings which instead crown Mahmood and her ‘Gold suit‘. In particular, in the still image of the moment, Earone Mahmood is first in the ranking, followed by Annalisa with ‘Sincerely’, while Angelina Mango is only third with ‘La Noia’. Fourth place was ‘A boy, a girl’ by The Kolors and fifth place was Geolier with ‘I p’ me, tu p’ te’.

But the rise of the Sardinian-Egyptian singer seems unstoppable: today he takes first place in Spotify’s Top 50 Italy, and with 15 million global streams on all platforms ‘Gold Tracksuit’ it has also crossed national borders and is currently at position 27 in the Top 50 Global. In these hours, Mahmood has also surpassed Geolier in the Spotify streaming chartswhere the Neapolitan rapper reigned in contrast and is now in second place. Annalisa also rises to third place, and Angelina Mango drops to fourth, who in any case has never reached the top in recent days. And with a few hours to go, Sanremo also flies to a global level. In fact, a very interesting fact emerges if you look at the ranking of the Top Global Debut Songs, the world debuts of the last week: seven out of ten in fact come from Sanremo. Here are the top ten: Kanye West and Ti Dolla Sign with ‘Talking’, Mahmood, Geolier, Noah Kahan with ‘Forever’, Annalisa, Angelina Mango, Irama, Ghali, Madinon Beer with ‘Make you mine’ and Gazzelle.

“The global Debut is very interesting, it is a very important sign of the numbers surrounding this event – Fimi CEO Enzo Mazza confirmed to Adnkronos – Naturally it does not mean that these artists are listened to in the world, only a part, but it means that in that week there were such high ratings in Italy that it brought them to these positions. Of course, when a boy in America goes to see Top Debut he is encouraged to hear who they are and listen to them”. The fifth Amadeus festival marks record growth results. “The numbers speak of a notable increase compared to other years – explains Mazza – In particular, there was a significant growth of over 500% compared to 2020, and for the Fimi ranking alone an increase of 33% compared to 2023” .

The growth effect is not only on Spotify but on all platforms: “Amazon has grown, Youtube is part of the charts this year, then the artists may vary but generally the market is moving all the platforms”, underlines the CEO of Fimi. “The Spotify playlist was the most listened to globally in the first days of the festival, and it attracted all the artists who are within the playlist. In fact 29 out of 30 were in the top 30. It has never been like this.” Artists presented at the festival and who, it must be underlined, found success with Amadeus. “There has been work on two fronts, on the part of the record companies and the artistic director – states Mazza – Amadeus chooses the leading artists of the moment, but then there is the fact that these artists go there, let’s see the case of Geolier who is the best-selling artist of the year and who agreed to go. It had never happened that the best-selling artist participated in the festival, usually they are afraid of defeat. There was important work on both fronts “.

(by Ilaria Floris)

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