Robbie Williams wants to say yes again

Wedding vows with Ayda Field
Robbie Williams wants to say yes again

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Robbie Williams is celebrating a big birthday. This prompts his wife to reflect on her relationship with the pop star. Even after 14 years of marriage, Ayda Field is still happy at his side. Now the two even want to renew their wedding vows again.

This Tuesday, one of the biggest pop stars, Robbie Williams, is celebrating his 50th birthday. “Last day with Robbie Williams in his 40s,” his wife Ayda Field wrote on Monday about a couple photo of the two on Instagram. The couple has been married since 2010 and is still happy today. Field not only gave an insight into their relationship, but also revealed that the two wanted to renew their wedding vows. There were plans for this four years ago.

As the magazine reports, plans to remarry vows on the occasion of their tenth wedding anniversary in 2020 had to be postponed due to the pandemic. Now it should be time for the 15th wedding anniversary, which is coming up in 2025. “I think if my mother is well and Poupette (the family dog, editor’s note) “If we hold on for another year, we’ll do a 15th wedding anniversary renewal,” Field said in the interview. “There’s a lot of relatives and people that need to stay alive, but yes, we’ll do it!”

Field feels “blessed”

The 44-year-old also raves about her husband: “It’s a wonderful thing when you’re in a healthy relationship. I feel very blessed that he inspires me to be a better person and I inspire him too.” She is grateful that the man she fell in love with “is still the man I’m married to today.”

The couple have not only experienced ups but also downs with Williams’ drug history and mental health issues. “When someone is unwell, it’s very difficult to see their partner fighting for their life,” says Field. “And it always gave me great reassurance that Rob is able to get out of the situation. He will always fight.” As the mother of their children, she needs to be sure “that her father wants to be here and will do everything in his power to be clean.”

Field and Williams have been together since 2006 and married in 2010. The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Beverly Hills. In 2019, Williams asked for his wife’s hand in marriage again. The two are parents of a total of four children. In addition to two daughters, eleven-year-old Teddy and five-year-old Coco, they also have two sons: nine-year-old Charlie and baby Beau, three years old.

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