Rambo, Sylvester Stallone has chosen the heir

Sylvester Stallone has found the heir to play Rambo. Ryan Gosling could take on the role of the Vietnam veteran in a potential revival of the saga inaugurated in 1982 with the first film of the series. ‘Variety’ explains that Stallone, 77, recently appeared on an episode of ‘The Tonight Show’ and gave Gosling his blessing to play the next Rambo. “I met Gosling at a dinner – Stallone revealed during the broadcast – obviously we are the exact opposite. He’s good-looking, I’m not. I’m serious. Imagine me in Ken’s shoes? It wouldn’t work.”

”Ryan told me that he had always been fascinated by Rambo – continued Stallone – when he was little he told me that he went to school dressed as Rambo even if other people laughed at him and so I thought: ‘Well, that’s interesting, if I will never have to pass the baton, I have decided that I will pass it to him, since he loves the character so much.’ For me it’s a yes, but maybe some would say that he’s too good looking to be Rambo,” concluded the actor on ‘The Tonight Show’.

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