“Rai summits? Furious argument between Roberto and Sergio”

“It seems that yesterday there was also a furious argument between Roberto and Sergio”. The ironic scratch from Fiorello (the Rai CEO is called Roberto Sergio, ed.) does not spare the rumors about disagreements between Rai top management. During the episode, the showman will then receive three ‘press releases’ from the company. The content of these alleged official communications is nothing short of hilarious.

“The Rai management is in favor of hosts without moustaches, they recall too much Stalin and therefore calls for their immediate removal”, says the first. “The document is signed RS…I really don’t know who he is!” jokes the showman. The second statement was not long in coming: “Rai dissociates itself from the presence of a host to the right and one to the left of Rosario Fiorello. From the next episode he asks for both of them to be on his right,” he continues reading, amidst laughter in the studio. “It’s signed RS again. Who is?”. And last but not least, the third and final statement: “Rai distances itself from Rosario Fiorello. The ostentatious resemblance to Massimo D’Alema is a clear electoral manipulation. To level the playing field, from the next episodes he will have to look like Maurizio Gasparri”.

Even on Shrove Tuesday, in the glass of the Foro Italico the showman and his team go wild from 7 in the morning with dancing, masks and confetti. But there are not only jokes and laughter in this episode of Viva Rai2!. Fiorello, in fact, does not fail to make a much more serious appeal to the audience at home: “Let’s remember guys that war is bad for everyone and everyone loses. I know it’s corny, but it’s the truth. There are no A or B deaths, especially when children are involved. This is the worst thing.”

We then continue with the commentary on the news of the day and there is also no shortage of it some joking comments about the Vatican and, in particular, on the chaos linked to the Fiducia Supplicans. “The Pope says he only blesses gay singles but there are those who also blesses couples,” reads the showman from the review, before addressing the Holy Father directly. “Can I give you some advice? Go to the Gay Pride, so in one fell swoop he blesses them all!”.

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