Prince William gets support

Ex-diplomat becomes private secretary
Prince William gets support

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After his father’s cancer, Prince William is suddenly at the forefront of the royals. And this despite the fact that his wife Kate is also weakened after her abdominal operation. A former diplomat is now supposed to help him with his work.

According to British media reports, the heir to the British throne, Prince William, is seeking personal support after his father’s cancer diagnosis. The Prince of Wales is currently under particular pressure, as not only King Charles III. due to illness, but also his wife Kate still has to recover from her abdominal operation.

The Guardian reports, citing a statement from Kensington Palace, that ex-diplomat Ian Patrick will take on the role of William’s private secretary. The 45-year-old worked for former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown from 2002 to 2006 when he was in Bosnia. He then moved to the Department of Foreign, Commonwealth and Development. Ashdown is a trustee of the charity Crohn’s & Colitis UK.

Prince William resumed his regular duties last week after taking time off to support his family. The 41-year-old held an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle on Wednesday before attending the London Ambulance Charity’s gala dinner later that evening and thanking the public for their messages of support for the king.

“This means a lot to all of us”

Addressing guests during the gala, Prince William said: “I would like to take this opportunity to also thank you for the kind messages of support for Catherine and for my father, especially in the last few days. This means a lot to all of us.”

King Charles recently underwent a medical procedure for an enlarged prostate. It was discovered that he was suffering from cancer. That’s why the 75-year-old won’t be taking on any appointments for the time being, which is disrupting the Royal Family’s calendar.

William had actually wanted to take a longer break until his wife’s care and recovery was complete. Kate is not expected to resume her official duties until after Easter. Now the heir to the throne and father of three has to return to his royal duties sooner than intended.

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